Thunder Gray Lite Stone Ball Set – Uniform 4″

Product Description

From amid the burning wreckage and treasures of the old world, Lite Stone Balls boast a blend of modern and old world charm with minimalist design to create a neat uncluttered look to your gas fire pit and fireplace. Utilizing current ceramic technologies, Lite Stone Balls are ideal for indoor and outdoor environments. Our Lite Stone Balls get their color from an environmentally friendly ceramic stain that is absorbed into the porous fireproof material. Extremely durable, our Lite Stone Balls are freeze tested & fire approved. They are clean burning with no smoke, ash, or harmful fumes. The Lite Stone Ball sets are available in various quantities where you can choose the one that best fits your fire feature and style.

Additional information

Set Size

18" x 6" (11 Balls), 24" x 8" (14 Balls), 30" x 10" (32 Balls), 36" x 12" (38 Balls), 48" x 14" (56 Balls)