Sly Stallone Joins the Revolution with the Help of the Summerset Superstore Team



We began a hybrid multi-fuel grilling revolution with the Muscle Grill, and when Hollywood A-lister Sylvester Stallone wanted to join in, we brought the cameras along.

The Summerset Superstore team headed to Sly's new home to demonstrate the grill's strength and features. The Muscle Grill, which is installed in a brand new custom grill island produced by Summerset Superstore, has the appearance of a wild animal barely kept under control. Impressed and in awe, Sly watches as the barbecue is set up to cook with hardwood and charcoal simultaneously. Summerset's national sales manager and master of all things culinary uses its 20,000 BTU gas burners to light solid fuels and then shuts them down after about eight minutes. After another five minutes, he uses a mallet to split the hardwood into a large bed of stunning red oak and white ash that'll endure for an hour and a half on the grill.

"This is something I've never seen here!"

Sly exclaims as Snake River Tri-Tips are placed on the grill, accompanied by the soothing sound of sizzling. For several minutes, the tri-tips are seared on each side to hold in the moisture, then transferred to a cooler grill area to finish cooking and render. The flexibility of the Muscle Grill becomes apparent with five distinct cooking zones for utilizing any fuel simultaneously or separately.

As the flames rage, the extraordinary power and heat produced by hardwood and charcoal keep the action star at bay. "I always wanted one," is heard off-camera as the delicious tri-tips continue to caramelize. Sly was visibly pleased about what he saw, which is evident in this video. As his staff emerged to see the magic, the sights, sounds, and scents began attracting a crowd.

After they cooked the beef, they placed bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeños on the grill to demonstrate the grill's flexibility. This level of performance allows a backyard griller to achieve the same high standards as top restaurants, with intense searing and indirect heat zones. Obviously thrilled with his new digs, Sylvester Stallone was initiated into the Muscle Grill way of life, and it smells good