Don't miss Leann Rimes' surprise gift of a new kitchen and deck to a lifelong friend!


patio wooden floor table

The Property Brothers are two of the most well-known and accomplished home designers on television. They've delighted millions through their brand and television shows by constantly having fresh ideas to make your house more beautiful. They teamed up with LeAnn Rimes on Celebrity IOU to do something extra cool for her buddy Roger. After helping her through tough times as a trusted friend and counselor, she wanted to thank him by giving him the indoor-outdoor kitchen he's always desired. The Scott brothers were ecstatic to participate in creating an outside area where Roger could prepare his delectable meals and share them with his family.

On HGTV's Celebrity IOU, the Scott brothers assist A-listers in surprising meaningful individuals in their lives by helping them with home renovation projects. Each episode features a different celebrity giving a heartfelt thank you to someone important in their life using Drew and Jonathan Scott's inventive talents. For episode 6, a stunning indoor and outdoor culinary experience is crafted, and we are delighted that they included Summerset Superstore in the design and generosity.

The cramped, inefficient kitchen was inconvenient for entertaining and cooking with the limited laundry area located there. Jonathan and Drew decided to completely remodel the kitchen, adjacent bathroom, and laundry room with modern dark cabinets. They completely reworked the layout and crafted a whole new experience to benefit Roger and his partner's lifestyle.

Oven Grill

The Brothers built a retractable glass wall system to tie the two areas together, and they completely rebuilt the entire deck and outdoor kitchen. A modern custom grill island was designed, built, and installed by Summerset Superstore's design team to stretch the whole depth of the deck and provide plenty of room for appliances and serving space. They employed the massive 42" Estate Grill by American Made Grills to bring a luxurious gas grilling experience with sophisticated style and features. Since Roger is an avid pizza lover and amateur chef, the Summerset Superstore design team installed an Outdoor Oven to make this a proper Italian kitchen. To complete the custom island, the Summerset massive double outdoor refrigerator provides all the needed storage to keep ingredients and drinks cold and refreshing when required.

patio fireplace table

A Kalea Bay outdoor fireplace was built as a stunning highlight near the outdoor kitchen to provide warmth on chilly nights and create an inviting ambiance for entertaining. The outdoor gas fireplace, which is finished in light stone, serves as a dining-room feature wall and an attractive modern decorative element.

Overwhelmed by LeAnn's generosity, Roger was stunned by the reveal and blown away by the new possibilities afforded by this renovation. The Scott Brothers were able to modify and revitalize an area once again with good design and craftsmanship. We are ecstatic to be a part of bringing happiness and generosity to such beautiful people.