The Scott Brothers Redesign Josh Groban’s Bandmate’s Garage and Craft an Outdoor Living Area for His Family


Band Room

The Property Brothers are two of the most well-known and successful designers on television. They've recently collaborated with renowned singer Josh Groban on Celebrity IOU to help their friend and bandmate, Mark, achieve something life-changing. For years, Josh and Mark had traveled the world together, and he wanted to do something special for Mark's outdated recording studio set-up. Drew and Jonathan Scott was delighted to assist him in building a contemporary and functional recording studio and through in an outdoor living area that his family could enjoy.

Outdoor Grill

Celebrity IOU follows stars and celebrities as they create unforgettable home makeovers for significant people in their lives. Drew and Jonathan Scott collaborate with one celebrity to transform their property into the ideal gift throughout each episode. In episode 10, they converted and furnished the garage into a contemporary home recording studio and expanded the outside area with a full kitchen. We're grateful that they included Summerset Superstore in the project and Josh Groban's generosity.

Mark's workshop was a typical garage filled with equipment and exercise equipment combined with conventional family storage. Drew and Jonathan set out to build a pleasant, creative environment that would make Mark proud. They replaced Mark's old studio with the newest technology to focus on his musical interests in comfort. Then they went one step further by reducing noise with the whole garage to ensure that he doesn't have to worry about noise when working late nights. The Property Brothers created a stunning area for Mark to work through ideas, utilizing natural wood, deep blue hues, and an inventive arrangement and layout.

Mark's dilapidated backyard was just as awful, and Mark's old hot tub had outlived its usefulness in more ways than one. Josh and the Property Brothers gave it a fresh new look by removing the old tiles and resurfacing the jacuzzi with a new soothing blue tile. They also built fresh, new decking with constellations of lights to illuminate it at night.

Outdoor Spa

Drew and Jonathan were concerned about the old pergola that marked the outdoor seating space. Mark's old rickety pergola and outside seating area were so precarious that it looked as if one minor Southern California quake would bring the whole thing down. The existing structure was knocked down to make a new, improved one with better shade, a dining area, and an entire outdoor kitchen where the family can dine al fresco in California's renowned weather.

Outdoor Grill Lifestyle

The Scott Brothers began with a modern custom grill island from Summerset Superstore, designed and built by the Summerset Superstore design team to provide ample workspace for appliances and preparation. They used the Summerset Grills TRLD 44" Built-in Grill to deliver high-end performance and style for any occasion with the durability to last. To combat hot, sunny days, the massive Summerset Grills double outdoor refrigerator from Summerset Superstore's vast selection of outdoor appliances includes all the needed storage to keep ingredients and drinks cold and refreshing.

Mark was astonished at the outcome and the generosity of Josh, Drew, Jonathan, and the Celebrity IOU crew at the reveal. Mark's family now has a first-rate studio that is big enough for his bandmates and visitors, as well as an outdoor area where they may rest and rejuvenate. Summerset Superstore is thrilled to have been invited to collaborate on this project, as the Scott Brothers created magic with their design skills in bringing happiness and inspiration to such a lovely family.